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Matéria do Fashion Indie sobre bermudas masculinas

Onia Beachwear: The Best Men’s Swim Trunks You Don’t Have Yet

For the gentlemen who will be making your way to the beach this winter, be sure to put Onia swim trunks at the top of your packing list. With a combination of uncompromising craftmanship (we’re talking custom made hardware), a minimalist aesthetic, and the finest internationally sourced fabrics, Onia products bring a fresh perspective to men’s swim wear that is stylish and uber-wearable.  Check out our chat with Onia founder and designer Carl Cunow on his design background, what makes his trunks the best in the market, and his plans for expanding the Onia collection in 2012.  

How did you get started in fashion? 
I grew up on New York City’s Upper West Side –not exactly the beach culture capital of the world! While getting my undergraduate degree in finance at Baruch College, I started working at Steven Alan. It’s there that I kind of fell into design, immersed in a fashion industry environment at a young age. I was so drawn to production that I balanced a full time job with a full course load. Eventually, the idea for Onia emerged and that’s when I struck out on my own.
How is Onia different than your run of the mill swim trunk?
Onia came from my own frustrating experience trying to find swimwear that was both functional and well-designed. The choices available in the market simply weren’t appealing or they literally fell apart. In creating Onia products we use unique fabrics, sourced from all over the world (Italy, Spain, England, etc.), to provide colors and patterns that are stylish but never garish. And all our hardware is custom made to endure a pounding in the surf.
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